Errol Laborde: Endymion – The triumph of bling

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Ed Muniz was pointing to some of the subtle fine points on the Endymion King’s float, a parade not known for its subtly. On the second unit of the tandem float were two dancing butterfly sculptures once seen in Comus, the krewe that started the continuing parading tradition back in 1857 – all Carnival traditions began with Comus. Muniz professed that he appreciates the old style of parades, but then, pointing to the blinking Endymion floats that were lining a hall of the convention center, he added, “this is the modern Mardi Gras.”

Last Saturday night, Endymion staged its annual King selection party. A crowd of 2,000, bedecked in black-tie and evening dress, carted sandwich trays to their tables then danced the night away. According to Endymion tradition, the King is picked by a lottery from among the members who buy a ticket. Muniz presided as the winning name was drawn. Later in the evening, which lasted until 2 the next morning, the royalty was paraded around the floor. More…


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